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Kitchen Style & Trends

  1. 16 Creative Ideas to Style White Shaker Cabinets in Your Kitchen

    Creative ideas to style white shaker cabinets in your kitchen, showcasing versatile and stylish design options


    Shaker cabinets are a beloved choice for homeowners and designers alike, known for their clean lines, timeless appeal, and versatile design. Originating from the Shakers, a subsect of the Quakers, these cabinets are characterized by their inset panel and sturdy five-piece construction, emphasizing both functionality and beauty. Shaker cabinets' rich history and quality craftsmanship have made them a staple in kitchens for generations, seamlessly blending traditional aesthetics with modern practicality.

    What Are Shaker Cabinets?

    What are shaker cabinets, and what are they known for? Shaker cabinet doors feature an inset panel and sturdy five-piece cabinet doors. These kitchen cabinets,

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  2. Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets for Dynamic Design

    modern wood kitchen cabinets


    The landscape of kitchen cabinets is undergoing a fascinating transformation. The once ubiquitous all-white cabinets are now on a 43% decline. Instead, a unique trend is emerging—a 30% surge in modern wood kitchen cabinets, as reported by KBIS.

    With their flexibility and distinctiveness, wood cabinets can genuinely transform your kitchen. Kitchens with wood cabinets will be the front-runner this year, offering an alternative to an all-white design!

    Wood cabinets offer many options, from light to medium to dark. Each choice, such as oak, maple, or cherry, is a stunning addition to any design style. Need help finding the perfect backsplash to complement your chosen wood cabinets? We have curated a list of wood kitchen cabinet ideas!

    Wood Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

    Choosing t

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  3. Luxury Kitchen Cabinets for Modern Kitchen Design

    Luxury Kitchen Cabinets


    High-end kitchen cabinets, a symbol of luxury in modern kitchen design, can now be yours without breaking the bank. RTA cabinets, an intelligent choice for affordable elegance, offer various styles to suit your taste. Whether you prefer a retro-inspired or minimalistic modern kitchen, our luxury kitchen cabinets are constructed with high quality materials and are the perfect addition to elevate your kitchen design.

    Luxury Kitchen Cabinetry Ideas

    Are you looking for inspiration for your latest kitchen renovation? Look no further! We have compiled a list of luxury kitchen ideas for any style. From a bold green kitchen island that acts as an entertaining hub to an entire wall of floating shelves that store dry ingredients in style, these ideas will create luxury, beautiful kitchens.

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  4. Is The Kitchen Island Over? Let’s Discuss

    Is The Kitchen Island Over?


    Kitchen design trends are constantly evolving and changing. 2024 is no different! The concern of how kitchen islands fit into the modern kitchen has been a hot topic of conversation. The big question is: is the kitchen island over?

    Are Kitchen Islands Still Popular?

    Rest assured, kitchen islands are not just a passing design trend. Their enduring popularity, which has been rising for some time now, is a testament to their timeless appeal. More than just a stylish addition, kitchen islands serve many practical purposes. So, if you're contemplating the addition of a kitchen island to your design, rest easy knowing it's a choice that will stand the test of time and enhance the functionality of your home.

    Is the kitchen island on its way out? No. Kitchen islands will continue to be a mainstay in kitchen

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  5. 10 Impressive Modern White Kitchen Makeovers You Need to See

    Sleek and Stylish Modern White Kitchen Ideas


    Today, we're diving into a timeless, classic, modern white kitchen design. White RTA cabinets have long symbolized elegance, simplicity, and sophistication in interior design. They are a fresh canvas on which you can create a sleek, stylish kitchen that reflects your taste and lifestyle.

    We'll take you through a collection of stunning modern white kitchen designs featuring white cabinets. From minimalist and monochromatic designs to bold and contrasting choices, we'll showcase a range of possibilities to inspire your next kitchen renovation. Whether you're a fan of contemporary aesthetics, a lover of traditional charm, or somewhere in between, these ideas will help you envision how modern white kitchen cabinets can transform your kitchen space into a contemporary masterpiece.

    The Appeal of Modern

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